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A Tribute to Jet Li

The Defender

Jet Li

-One of todays greatest martial arts action superstars

Updated Last: June 29, 2001

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This website is a tribute to Jet Li. Myself and my brother have provided you with a biography, our own movie reviews, pictures, and links of Jet Li and websites that contain information about him. We update this site as often as possible, so feel free to look around the site. We will inform you of any new pics or information that we get at all times, under this the "Latest News" heading. If you have any information at all good or bad, please email us. Thank you for coming to our Jet Li site.

			-Michael and Steven

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Best Fighter # of Votes
Jet Li 58 Votes
Bruce Lee 32 Votes
Jackie Chan 4 Votes
Chuck Norris 1 Vote
Jean Claud Van Damm 1 Vote